Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Resume Monitor's resume?
A Resume Monitor's resume is simply an online version of a traditional resume. Using innovative web functionality, it delivers your information in an interactive and professional format that instantly engages an employer, providing you with a more powerful way of promoting your key skills and experience… and of course they look great as well!

What are the benefits of building an resume on Resume Monitor?
Choosing Resume Monitor gives you access to a professional and user-friendly responsive resume builder as well as a host of innovative online career management tools that will get you ready for any future job application. Within your free online account you can store multiple resumes, manage references, apply directly for jobs.

Resume Monitor seems like a nice product, why are you offering it for free?
It is free to register, free to create an online resume and free to be part of our resumes database.

Candidates can choose to upgrade to a full membership in which their profiles are accessible to all employers registered on our platform (coming soon!)

Why would I have more than one resume stored on Resume Monitor?
Every position that you apply for will be slightly different in some way. It’s therefore important that you tailor your resume by adjusting your key responsibilities and experience to match the job that you are applying for. Having multiple resumes on hand within your Resume Monitor account makes the job of tailoring your resume much more convenient. You are then able to simply select the most suitable version as the basis of your tailored resume, saving yourself valuable time and effort.

Can I delete my resume?
Yes you can delete any resume within your account. Keep in mind that deleting a resume means that you will not be able to recover information that has been added to that resume.

I’ve made a mistake on my resume, how can I fix it?
You can edit mistakes on your resume at any time from within your account by selecting the resume you need to update from your Dashboard section then simply click on the resume item that requires editing. You can edit your resume items as often as you like. This is particularly useful when tailoring a resume for a particular job role.

Can I remove sections from my resume that I no longer wish to include?
Yes, if you wish to remove a section, simply delete any content it contains. Any section within a resume that is left blank will not appear in the resume when it is viewed.

Do I need to upload my resume to register?
No you don’t, with our profile builder you can create a smart online Resume that you can use to apply for any jobs.

How does Resume Monitor protect my personal information?
Online security is taken very seriously at Resume Monitor. All of your personal information is encrypted with industry leading SSL Web Server Certificate. As well as protecting the information within your account through system-wide encryption methods, Resume Monitor allows you to choose a level of privacy for each of your resumes that best suits your needs. Take the time to review all our online security recommendations.